Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

We're home on a snow day today, snuggled up with many blankets and favorite warm clothes. So, in no particular order...
  • a roof over our heads
  • new well-insulated windows keep out the drafts
  • food in fridge despite being grocery day
  • vehicles which are fairly reliable LOL
  • DaHubby - where do I start? He blesses me and inspires me so much daily reminding me why I choose him and how lucky I am that we are a team!
  • health - at least for the time being LOL
  • no traveling for Cmas - for the first time in 40-some years, my parents are coming to me! LOL
  • for a family prodigal who's in the process of traveling home - hopefully she'll be around through the holidays
  • my adopted community - I grew up in Metro Detroit but this little city where I live in feels more like "me" than any other place I've lived!
  • girlfriends - this week particularly Melanie, Melissa C., and Elizabeth. You ladies were the smiles in my week
  • more old friends found on Facebook
  • another "clear of cancer" report for a Viking family member and continued good reports for my SIL Peggy who is the only known survivor at this time of her type of leukemia!
  • our new church - who is being kind and gentle to the newbie learning the ropes during the holidays
  • our old church - whose Christmas party the kids and I will be joyfully attending Sunday evening, I hope.
  • Advent devotions - seeing the arrival of Baby Jesus from the different points of view as well as reading "Magi" this week have blessed my sock off!

So, that's what filling my tank this week. How 'bout you? And, stop by Pam's place to see what she's thankful for lately.

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