Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been worth it.

As a mom with little ones, we're often faced with the question "is the mess worth it?" Is the joy that the kids' experiencing worth the mess, the money, whatever?

In this category for me personally are times like when I made the Vikings a rice table in the house or let them "finger paint" with pudding or play with shaving cream outside. It's often the suspension of "being a mom" and jumping in on the fun or allowing a little "organized chaos" enter into a regular day.

If I was being transparent, I often have trouble with this. I often see more of the laborious prep and clean up rather than the joy something will bring the Vikings...but I'm working on that. And, the last 3 days are a testimony to that effort.

I haven't cooked a "regular" sit-down meal in 3 days. We've grazing as we are hungry, eating sandwiches and leftovers, completely off our schedule. We've had a breakfast at 11am and a dinner at 8pm.

We are watching more TV than DaHubby and I would normally allow but have been snuggling more. And, that's not including the brand-new Wii which joined the family Friday and has over 9 hours of use on it.

We've spent all but a few hours since Thursday in our PJ's. We've only left the house treat ourselves to a McDonald's breakfast and visit DaGrandparents for a while yesterday.

We've not taken our vitamins in a week! *gasp* LOL

The only "work" I've done in a load of dishes each day while DaHubby has "only" shoveled and snowblowed.

We haven't woke up before 8am since Thursday.

Last Friday's clean laundry is still in a basket in the hallway, there's a load of whites "missing", we're low on underwear and socks but I still might not get to laundry today.

The kids' rooms are TRASHED as is the living room except for the once-a-day, midday clean up that I still insist on.

But what was the return on this investment of laziness? Three days of giggling, snuggling, laughing, overeating, and spending long stretches of uninterrupted quality time with DaHubby who heads back to work tomorrow and to a full load of school commitments in 2 weeks.

As an organizationally-challenged adult ADD-er, it is gonna take me WEEKS to get us back on track. But, that's OK.

It's been worth it.

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I would call that "worth it" too. There are times when just being together is worth throwing off the routine, and you know I like the schedule/routine stuff to me sane. Being present is so much more important, especially when y'all live with the kind of normal schedule that you have. Taking time to enjoy each other is definitely worth it!