Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking forward to looking back

This Thursday night, we at the Viking Hus will be sitting down to go through our 2009 can. LOL (I talked about our 2008 can here.)

Each January, I buy an empty new paint can from Lowes. And, every other year or so I've bought some small address number stickers. And, we put the New Year's name on the new can.

Then, during the year, we fill it with the little trinkets we pick up in our travels: movie stubs, brochures, pictures, postcards, whatever small things we stumble across while we're out enjoying an event or location.

On New Year's Eve, we open the can and go through all the mementos of the year gone by. And, due to its small size, it will go up on the shelf in the basement next to the last 3 years of its siblings. LOL

And, with the Vikings growing as quickly as they are, we'll be lucky they recognize themselves in the pictures from last winter! LOL

Looking forward to seeing what all we saved and remembered.


sara said...

Maybe we'll try this for 2010!

The Happy Housewife said...

I LOVE this idea!!
Thanks for sharing!