Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon with Blogmommas to come up with cool, short tips to make parenting and housekeeping a little easier...

Today, I'm improvising on an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine. The March 2009 version of My Great Idea was what to do about cabin fever. One smart mom suggested a bad weather scavenger hunt. Now before you picture tromping through woods, over valley and vale in rain gear, wait a sec. It's a *mobile* scavenger hunt.

The original blurb suggested that Mom draw simple pictures of thing that the kids can find "such as a cow, an airplane, two blue cars, or a red light". Then, as you chauffeur, they're on the lookout for the items on the list.

So, today I'm making a list that will be ready to go on the next soaking wet and rainy day. So far, I have the following things:

a horse
a dog
a cat
a squirrel
a bird
an airplane
a police car
an ambulance
a blue car
a red car
an American flag
a bicycle
a motorcycle
a mail truck
a construction truck

Now, obviously, this would be different for the area you live in but by spending the time today getting the list together and then some additional time getting the little pics/clip art together, the next rainy day, I'm all set! It'll be a print-and-go!

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Rebecca said...

I love a good scavenger hunt! Great tip!

Man, it is so nice to have my net back... been gone for a couple weeks and it seemed like forever! Hope all is well with you!


lv2scpbk said...

Good ones. Mine's up too.