Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Not a particularly special, fantastic, or busy week - just "the usual" - so looking for thankfulness in the small stuff lately.

I'm thankful for:

A couple days of absolutely bee-yoo-tee-full weather - a rarity in Michigan this time of year and of course book-ended by several days of icky, wet, cloudy weather.

A short but wonderfully sweet conversation with an old friend the other night. I'm absolutely THRILLED to hear things are going well for her and that she's in her last few weeks of another school year. But, I warned DaHubby - now that I've talked to her and heard her voice, I *really* wanna go see her upstate! LOL

the fact that yesterday was our 4-year anniversary in this house. It's turned into a longer fix-er-upper project than we planned but it's home.

our city's summer recreation program. I was so disappointed that all the YMCA preschooler camps filled so quickly that Flicka and Pojke didn't get a chance to participate. But, at least five-year-old Flicka (at NO cost to us as residents) will be able to go come and go as often as she wants for 6 weeks in late June and July.

the opportunity and excitement at planning my block's first block party in several years. The inital surveys are back, a date picked, and now a short meeting in the next few weeks to firm up some details and go over the rules of the permit.

the anticipation of a new farmers market in our area. Our city's market will start the first Saturday in June but this new one starts Saturday in a small town about 20 minutes south of here and should be a blast to wander through if the weather holds.

the excitement that while I missed a chance at a ladies' Bible study at a local "megachurch" there's apparently an opportunity for some summer ladies' meetings. Cool!

So, check in with Pam and her Thursday Thanks Tank here and share what YOU'RE thankful for this week!


The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, you have a ton to be thankful for. I love block parties! We had them all the time when we lived in Cuba, and then some impromptu ones in WV. I hope yours turns out great!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your block party and if you make it up to see Lisa, give her a big hug for me.