Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WFMW: 3 Minute Garlic Bread

Well, it's Wednesday again and here is another non-earth shattering peek into one of my shortcuts. LOL

From our newly married days, we have one of those sandwich makers. You put in four slices of bread and your preferred fixin's, clamp down the top and three minutes later...PRESTO! Grilled sandwiches.

This little kitchen gadget goes through cycles. We'll use it a lot for a few weeks then it gathers dust for a few months. But, I may be using it more...

I LOVE garlic bread. Would LOVE to be able to buy good, expensive bread regularly to have it broiled to perfection in my oven but budget and time constants don't allow it...and I ALWAYS burn it if a Viking so much as STEPS into the kitchen during the grilling time. So, one day in a crunch (aren't all good "mommy ideas" born this way?) I tested a theory.

Four slices of bread - white would probably work better than wheat. Buttered on the "inside" with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese. A heavy-Pam-like-spray applied to the gadget. Clamped down and PRESTO! Three minutes later something that sort of resembles garlic bread.

A cheap alternative that will keep my garlic-bread-lovin' taste buds happy 'til we can afford a 45-minute drive worth of gas and a $45 trip to Olive Garden! LOL

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Unknown said...

Terrific idea! We go through cycles too. I haven't seen our sandwich maker in months! Time to cycle through it again!

Debbie said...

I will have to remember this next time. This is a great idea.

GiBee said...

I've been wanting to get one of these, but I don't have storage for it... and ... it would not be used on a regular basis. But I still want one for those awesomely homemade grilled cheese and ham samies!