Monday, December 19, 2011

An unscheduled day

Most Sunday nights or Monday mornings, you would find me at my desk coordinating my week, checking upcoming events, glancing at my Google calendar, the kids' school calendar, (at this time of year) our family Advent calendar, and my housework program.

I coordinate all my tasks, to-do's, housework, events, reading, and craftiness onto one page that I follow through the week.

Blame my darn ADD but this is the only way I've consistently ever got anything done.

My ADD causes me unending anxiety...did I forget something, will I forget a crucial piece of paper, did I check this site or the bank accounts before heading out for grocery shopping, did I pay the bills, how long has it been since I cleaned the toilet, is it one of the kids' turn for treats? And, on and on and on.

Now, working on lowering my stress and anxiety has become more of a concrete thing since I've also been working on losing weight ESPECIALLY since I tend to be an emotional and "fidgety" eater...and I spend a lot of time emotional and fidgety with all this anxiety. LOL

Back to today...

I had put everything on hold this weekend because we had family visiting this weekend. Short of cooking for all of us, there were no to-do's and only visiting.

They didn't leave 'til this (Monday) morning. I put the kids on the bus, went and had breakfast with my parents before they headed back to the Detroit area, do my daily walk for the day, and, found that when I was done, it was about time for the kids' lunch hours so I stuck around for an extra 30 minutes and ate with them.

With no to-do list.

Arrived home to get a couple loads of laundry done, some dishes done, some computer work done, and *suddenly* it was time to wake up DaHubby (who had been sleeping all day due to being on a night shift schedule this week) and get ready to feed the kids when they got off the bus.

No checking off completed to-do's yet.

We ate together. More dishes. More laundry. Double-checking homework and book bags. Got DaHubs off to work.

Yet, still no to-do list had been made.

Now, I sit here with DaHubs gone at work and the kids in bed 15 minutes ago and when I sit down to finally make up my to-do list, it occurs to me: this was probably the best, most enjoyable day I've had in a really long time.

I think I'm going to start deliberately planning for an intentional "no to-do list day" regularly. My ADD-addled, control-freak-list-maker brain seems to benefit from a little free-flowing, free-thinking, free-to-respond time.

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