Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall Into Reading Wrap Up

Wow! How is it another reading challenge is over?!

I started with a diverse list of 8 fiction and non-fiction. I made a dent but didn't finish as well as I had hoped. Unfortunately, the siren song of an e-book reader swayed me away from the hard-copy straight and narrow. LOL

I completed my fiction choices: Lost Hero and Safe From the Sea. I enjoyed both immensely. I also got a fiction wish list granted from and also read Redeeming Love.

As for my nonfiction, I couldn't get my hands on a copy of the Carl D. And, when I realized what an enormous door stop Plain, Honest Men was, I turned it right back in to the librarian. LOL I have a minor in American history and have taught it at the secondary level but that book (really, I DID try) was worse than textbook I read in college. LOL

I'm in the middle of One Thousand Gifts but never got a chance to start the Tim Challies book. And, I never got to either parenting book despite the fact I OWN them both and they sit on the living room shelves staring at me the last 3 months!

The upside of this whole story? I got a new little Android tablet with a Kindle AND Nook app! Woo-hoo! I read seven books on it since the challenge started...I did a review here and here plus read two more.

So, to crunch the numbers...I started with a wish list of eight and, while I didn't finish all of the original eight, my final count of completed books was ten (and a half if you count "One Thousand Gifts"! )

Thank you, Katrina, for hosting. Count me for another round in the spring. And, merry Christmas everyone!


Lisa notes... said...

I read Redeeming Love last year and loved it. My daughter read it this year and is now reading more Francine Rivers books.

I want to reread One Thousand Gifts soon. I haven't read Tim's book but I'd like to.

A Kindle AND Nook app??? You go! :-) Have a Merry Christmas.

Amy said...

Nice job! I was thinking what Lisa said about having the Kindle and Nook app! Great idea!

Missional Mama

Anonymous said...
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