Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Square, Level, and Plumb

We've been at our new address here in Illinois for about 7 weeks. Lots of unpacking, purging, cleaning, and hanging stuff up going on.

Despite the gender stereotypes, I have no talent and no real interest in house decorating. The extent of my need to decorate usually entails covering windows with curtains so I don't feel like I'm living in a fishbowl or, not liking a blank wall and finding something to put something on it. LOL Generally, DaHubby and I work as a team to sort out what goes where.

One thing I never try to do alone is hang pictures. If I did it solo, the wall would end up looking like a half-done demolition project with a large, crooked photo put up on the wall with tape and a couple push pins.

DaHubby has a better eye for all things square, level, and plumb so I'm generally standing at the wall, too close to tell what's going on, responding to his directions of "a little to the left" and "push that corner up just a bit" as he stands back and sees the whole picture and wall. I trust what he tells me and it always turns out perfect.

So why can't we trust God the same way with our lives?

We are too close, focused on the little details while He has the whole "wall" in His sights. If we could only listen to his "a little to the left" and " up a bit on the right," we could have faith that it would always turn out perfect.

Trust God's plan and His direction and your "picture" should turn out square, level, and plumb enough to give Him all the glory He deserves! :)


Kari said...

Well...that was much needed in this life today...Thank you!

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