Monday, March 21, 2011

Still in a season of pruning

As one has probably noticed, my blogging has become sporadic the last year or so.

DaHubby was in school full time while still working full time for nearly two years. We didn't see him much. Then, as DaHubby's hours got cut in 2009, our financial problems became more worrisome. Then, in February 2010, our finances went into "panic mode" when DaHubby was laid off. DaHubby graduated in May of 2010. But, the layoff stretched into 3...then 6...then 9 months when we finally got word he'd been chosen for a new job...that started 3 months later in January of 2011.

So, the week after last Christmas, DaHubby moved two states away for this new job. Due to our mortgage, the housing market in Michigan, and our desire that Flicka remain in school as long as possible, we decided that the Vikings and I would remain here. We've been living apart with the occasional weekend visits for 3 months. And, it really stinks. LOL

And, yet, through it all, God has sustained us. From when DaHubby went back to school the summer of 2008 up through this month, we have been stunned silent and brought to tears by the generosity, caring, and service of people all around us. There are more stories than I have room for here but I have no doubt that it has been God's hand working in His perfect timing.

While much has been showered us, God has still seen fit for things to be stripped away. The easiest process to see was financially. We lived nearly an entire year on $350/month unemployment and whatever else we could scrape up or shake loose. There is no other explanation than God that we have incurred NO NEW DEBT and are still current on ALL our bills.

But, God's been stripping us of other things as well. Life is much simpler now. We haven't been able to afford eating out, vacations, traveling, new gadgets, big birthday parties, classes for the kids, sports, or a big Christmas. We do more with less and spend more time doing things around the house together. My house is never clean but it has definitely been well lived in these last few years.

Our confidence has been shaken and our faith stretched. We've learned what it REALLY means to "let go and let God." Nearly all of our control was taken out of our hands at one point or another. We've had to real focus on what do we really fear and why are we so worried and anxious about things. We've seen prayers answered in heart-stopping ways. We've had to learn that GOD is enough. He is all we need.

I wish I had been documenting all this along with way but I was just unable to. My mind has been swirling for way too long and I was just to focused on the short-term survival of my family.

And, yet, we're starting to see the end of our wilderness, the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometime in the next 3 months, the Vikings and I will join DaHubby in Illinois. We will leave our beloved Michigan for a new adventure. We know that this is where God is leading us but the way is still scary and there's still a long way to go before things begin to balance out.

But, we're still standing! And, more importantly, we're still believing!

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