Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unexpected Schooling

We've tested, tried, and tinkered with homeschooling but never made a fully committed leap to do if full time. Once we found Flicka's current school and exercised our school-of choice option, we've been so happy with the teachers, administrators, and the overall situation that our need to home school faded to a lesser extent.

And, my feelings about homeschooling in terms of philosophy have changed some too. I've been told "oh, I couldn't home school because..." and I tell them that they are already homeschooling. All the reading times they've attended, all the questions answered, all the cooking together, the crafts, the messes, the discipline, ALL of it is already schooling at home.

I'd also like to think I'd be a more relaxed home schooler than I initially thought I'd be...despite my ADD-driven organizational challenges. LOL Now that I've seen what natural learners my little raiders are, I don't stress as much about WHAT and HOW MUCH they're learning and WHEN.

Which brings me to my newest challenge...

Pojke has told me in no uncertain terms that he feels he's ready to read. LOL He turned 5 last month (hard to believe) and has been asking me daily to help him learn his letters, his numbers, and to read.

So, I found myself unexpectedly alone this morning with Flicka at school and Pojke at my in-laws and I wandered into the Dollar Tree for some TP, paper plates, and duct tape. (Don't ask.) I perused over to the school supply aisle - being a semi-retired English teacher causes me to do that frequently as well as randomly spend long periods of time looks through sale books. :)

Half hour later I'd arrived home with $10-15 worth of fun posters, bulletin board borders, and such to accessorize around our dining room table. Then, I took the suggestion of a very smart, very wise Head Start teacher who happens to be my best friend of 30+ years and labeled everything in my kitchen with its name. LOL

And, Pojke was thrilled! He ran from object to object asking "what does THAT say, Momma? What does THAT say?"

So, just as I tried with Flicka when she was 3 and 4, Pojke and I will spend the next few weeks reviewing colors, numbers, letters, and their sounds as I treasure these last few months of "solo-Pojke-time" before he most likely heads off to kindergarten from our new home in Illinois come September.

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trooppetrie said...

we love hooked on phonics for learning to read.