Monday, January 24, 2011

Shaken and Refined

The last year has been one of change for the Viking Hus.

DaHubby was laid off in February from a place he had worked at for nearly 20 years.

I worked outside the home for the first in a long time in March and April.

DaHubby graduated in the top 5 of his class in May with a degree in his new field.

Flicka began all-day school in September.

After many interviews and some traveling, DaHubby finally landed a job in October (I think) but it didn't start 'til January.

I worked outside the home again in November and December.

DaHubby moved to another state in December while the Vikings and I continue to hold down the fort here in Michigan.

The layoff has brought a shaking to our finances, our marriage, our friendships, our extended family, and to our parenting of the Vikings. It has seemed like God was slowly taking away bit by bit and refining what remained all year.

We've learned how much we can count on each other.

We've learned how much farther we can stretch a dollar. LOL

We've learned we are incredibly blessed with extended family and friends as well as having awesome church family.

We've learned how little we truly need to live.

We've learned to be happy with less and enjoy the simple things more.

We've learned that "keeping up with the Jones" is a lie of the devil and that our only focus should be on things eternal.

We've learned that being "weird" is better than going into debt.

We've had opportunity to discuss with the Vikings a neat and novel concept called delayed gratification. LOL

We've been able to show the Vikings why waiting and then paying saved-up cash is better.

We've learned that eating out is most often a waste and very rarely tastes as good as home cooking.

We've learned that even if we don't have money, we can still serve our church and community using our time and talents.

We've learned that no matter how little we have financially that we still can afford to give and tithe.

We've learned to *really* and "truly* lean on God's provision and on His timing.

We've learned to swallow our pride.

We've learned there is no shame in asking for help.

And, while DaHubby is now working full time, we are not just suddenly out of the proverbial woods. We still have a bit of a long road back to complete financial "peace" again not to mention we have to get our family living in the same home again. But, it's coming.

The work isn't done. Mid-2011 is a line-in-the-sand of sorts. And, as a result, 2012 is gonna look a heck of a lot different than 2010 did.

And, my prayer is that we will remember and take all these lessons into that new life. That we will remember this valley as a time of testing that God, our families, and our friends carried us through. That we will remember what is truly important and not fill our new life with all the junk we just painfully spent the last few years shedding. LOL

Amen! Let it be so!

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