Friday, January 14, 2011

Horoscope Hubbub

You never want to say "good luck" to DaHubby. LOL It's a pet peeve of his. His typical short retort is "no such thing as luck" but the longer response will get you an earful about God being all-powerful and, if you truly believe that, He's in control of all things at all times so there is no "luck." Things happen with His guidance and direction.

So, I think I've now found my equivalent pet peeve.

I've been hearing all over the internet and Facebook today about those upset with the change in the astrological signs.

"I've been a Leo all my life - I'm not changing NOW!"

"Once a Sagittarius, always a Sagittarius."

*sigh* Seriously, people...well, to be more specific, I'm talking to just those that identify themselves as Christians. If you've accepted Christ, been baptized according to the tradition of your particular denomination, or have whatever is required for you to declare publicly your faith in Christ and believe that He is holy and the all-powerful God of the universe and in control of your life and this world...why are you worried about horoscopes and/or what sign you were or are now?!?

In the interest of being real, I struggle with worry and anxiety...a lot. Technically, simplistically, and Biblically, those struggles are nothing more than a lack of faith. If one believes God is in control of all things, there should be no worry and anxiety as one rests in God's loving care and direction. So, I'm not throwing stones or pointing fingers but this horoscopes thing *really* gets under my skin for some reason.

The only Truth for a believer is the Bible. Period. No star charting, no signs, no fortune telling or casting of runes.

Secondly, I'm kinda offended by the assumption that God would go through so much thought and care for knit me in my mother's womb to make me just like everyone else who was born at the same time of the year.

So, I politely suggest to my fellow followers of Christ to perhaps consider today...who or what directs your course? Who or what makes the grand plans for your life? Whose or what advice are you following to make decisions about your day?

Are you living in the knowledge of who you are according to the stars or in Christ - the One who made the stars?

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