Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our line in the sand

Very few things have been written in stone for us lately. All of us at the Viking Hus have learned the value of "going with the flow" and "letting go and letting God" in recent years.

But, when it comes to coordinating a cross-region/three-state move, at some point you have to (poop) or get off the pot! LOL

After sitting down with all the respective calendars (his work, Flicka's school, summer camps, etc), DaHubby and I finally put a stamp on Fourth of July weekend as the weekend we are leaving our home state of Michigan and heading to Illinois for whatever new adventure God is setting up for us there.

And, it causing me some heart break.

I found myself tearing up at church today when I considered this will be our last Easter there.

And, our favorite children's church worker today announced to the congregation that he's leaving his "day job" as a middle school principal and going into the ministry full time! Praise God - but we won't be able to see his move from teaching to Pastor of Children's Ministry.

I've started a local "bucket list" of things I want to do (alone, with DaHubby, and with the kids) before we leave this area.

Seventy-six days and counting...

Seventy-six days to see additional way God will move in our lives to bring this plan of His to completion.

Seventy-six days until we are living as a family under one roof again.

And, for that and more, I say "PRAISE GOD"!


sara said...

thinking of you.

Kathleen said...

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RenegadeCashier said...
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Timmy said...
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Timmy said...

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Christina said...

I don't know if you're still reading this or not, but if so, I hope that everything is going really well with your move. I've been wondering how you are lately. I'm sure there's a lot of emotions with this move, but you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as you make your new home in Illinois.