Friday, November 5, 2010

A slip up and catch up.

I generally write my blog posts after the Vikings go to bed. However, I missed the last few nights as our schedule left me falling asleep on the couch right after the kids went to bed.

So, to make up for lax blogging...

For Wednesday...thank you, Lord, for the people who work for the state of Michigan within the unemployment/job assistance office as well as the people at the food assistance office. In this economy, they work *really* hard under less-than-stellar circumstances while trying to maintain a positive and polite attitude. While we didn't get the answers we would have wanted, everyone was polite and helpful.

For Thursday...Lord, you sent us two God-moments...what others might refer to as coincidences. Lord, you sent me a part-time, temporary that fits *perfectly* into the next 8 weeks. And, then, as we were talking about our trip to Illinois this weekend and whether we should go, the phone rang and it was one of Mike's future fellow Exelon employees. It completely answered our uneasiness about traveling and, while it was a change of plans we didn't expect, we could see Your will!

And, for today...a day off! Finally! Flicka's off school today for end of card marking. We slept in, met a new friend of DaHubby's for breakfast, and have been hanging around the homestead getting things done.

So, what are YOU thankful for today?

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