Monday, November 1, 2010


Despite what many might believe, I actually have a tough time making friends with other women. Being a non-shopping, clothes-hatin', non-wine-drinking, no-men-bashin', low-maintenance, no-make-up-wearing girl doesn't exactly make me the first person new female neighbors flock to. LOL

However, I have a few girlfriends that God's blessed me with that really "get" me...or find me silly enough to have put up with me for many years out of sheer entertainment value! LOL

At the top of the list...Lisa. We've been friends since we were 8. That would be nearly *cough, cough* years of knowing each other. While she began as the one who I was always with when I got in trouble, she became the one that lead me OUT of trouble in my adult years as I wander a bit after college. Her kids are perfect angels as far as I'm concerned and I'd walk to Northern Michigan to see them all at any time.

And, as for the one who really WAS the one I was always in trouble with...Jodi! Since junior high, I've been following her adventures through life, through her military service, through her family, through her work and have to say - NO ONE works as hard or plays as hard as she does!

As for Jill, I knew her in high school but we didn't become friends 'til she suddenly got placed across the hall from me in my dorm sophomore year at MSU. Jill and her brother are the ones that led me back to church and to Christ and I am forever in their debt. I should see her and her family more. I miss seeing her kids and her cool hubby...but we keep in touch.

Shelagh met me in a low part of my life. She proved herself to be more loyal, more patient, and a better listener than anybody I know. She also worked her tail off and continues to work for the University of Michigan in a much better, more prestigious job than when I met her! LOL

All the friends above are long-distance from me and have been in my life for 14+ years. But, I am also blessed to have two local buddies that I couldn't have made it through the last few years without them.

Mel and Amy are my momma-idols and sounding boards. They both have adorable kids who are some of the best little people I've ever met. No crazy idea, question, or thought I've had has ever made them laugh...unless I meant for it to. LOL

When I've been bummed out, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just plain lost, one or both come to my rescue. In a bind, they are the first ones I call for help. When I was an hour away from home last month and my child care plans unexpectedly fell through, I called them.

These six ladies have cried with me, laughed with me, drank with me, held me up, set me up (LOL), and came when I called. They bless my life beyond anything they can imagine. I hope I can be as good of a friend as they have been to me. A great big *MWAH* to you all!!

So what are YOU thankful for today?

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