Thursday, May 6, 2010

One month later...a 95% Motivated Mom! LOL

Well, as of yesterday, I have been on my new housework organizer one month from And, I think I can easily say EVERYONE around the Viking Hus is really enjoying the fruits of our labors.

The dishes are being kept up with; the laundry is done regularly, too. The kitchen floor has been mopped more often in the last 30 days than ever before. The bathroom is cleaner than any time since we've moved in this house. And, the kids rooms have stayed clean for....wait for it...THREE weeks straight!

The biggest adjustments have been (1) finding a solid block of time and (2) breaking the pattern of addiction with my to-do list. LOL

I find that if I can get 30-40 minutes uninterrupted, I can knock out 90% of the planner's list. Most times that is immediately after I drop Flicka off at school and return home, but not always.

And, I guess I'm starting small with the second issue. LOL I've learned to start saying "no" and "enough" to myself. For example, I majorly fell off the housework wagon the last week and went back to "survival level" maintenance tasks. Due to DaHubby's finals and graduation along with celebratory dinners, graduation party, our wedding anniversary, and the fact we're leaving for a road trip in less than 12 hours, things have been a little off kilter on the to-do list to say the least.

But, just like I've found this lovely button on Google Reader labeled "mark all as read" which I've learned to click without TOO much hesitation when I have 200+ blog posts sitting waiting to be read, I've found the ability to look at my to-do list and just say "this can wait" or "this doesn't need to be done now" or, better yet, "this doesn't need to be done EVER" with relatively little remorse.

I drop nearly a dozen things over the last 4-6 days. *gasp* Did the world come to an end? Did DaHubby pick up and leave because I didn't sweep the porch on the day the housework list told me to? NO! I needed to remember that *I* am in charge of the to-do list and not the other way around. LOL

So, after we get back from our little jog across the state, I'll start the new sheet for Monday. Until then? I'm going complete to-do list free (well, nearly LOL) for the remainder of the weekend!

If you are looking for a housework planner and you haven't found one that fits yet, I would highly recommend


Anonymous said...

My favorite days are Saturday because I don't have any live houseplants to water! Easy day, LOL!

Christina said...

Hey Beth!

Everything okay with you guys? I haven't seen you around lately. Hope you're just enjoying the nicer weather.

sara said...

everything OK?

twitter adder said...

i am vert pleased by the blog. nice done!