Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

There have been so many things going on and issues flying around here that I *really* need to consciously do my thanks tank today. It's my "mind focuser" for the week...

So, in no particular order:

I'm thankful (and THRILLED) that the kids appear to mostly healthy again...FINALLY!

I'm thankful that my "offline" time has provided a chance to step back from & re-assess my online life on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm thankful for an "early" Thanksgiving. My mom and step-dad will be here Sunday and she's bringing the food with her! LOL All I have to make is desserts which will be a surprise - (one) because one of them is a favorite of the Vikings and DaHubby and (two) the other is a first-time recipe I'm attempting. LOL

I'm thankful for a brilliant, patient, and understanding hubby who doesn't blow his top when I locked us outta the house when we walked down to our neighborhood park this past week. He just shrugged and started popping off the screen of one of the new windows he's installed. Flicka was at first very upset...until she realized that Daddy was gonna be putting HER through the window to unlock the front door. I'm also thankful for neighbors with a sense of humor who came out to watch "the show" LOL

I'm thankful my first-ever trip to our local Panera which turned into a wonderful unexpected morning of visiting with 3 ladies I really like but I don't get to spend nearly enough time with. Mel, Melissa, and Shelly - you made my day!

I'm thankful for a locally-run bank who was able to work with us (again) when our current financial situation found us short (again) for the minivan payment. Praise God for these folks who listen first and don't assume folks coming to them for help are just bad with their money. Within 48 hours, we're breathing easier with a new arrangement. I'm also thankful that this new arrangement allowed us to better participate in our new church's food drive as well as keep the few dollars we've saved up for the Vikings' Christmas presents in the bank!

I'm thankful for our YMCA scholarship. Those of you who donate to your local Y for situations just like this...THANK YOU!! It's because of people like you that my babies are still in swimming lessons, still going to family gym nights, and family swims with Daddy...not to mention the child care so Momma can spend some time getting some much-needed exercise and stress relief as well.

I'm thankful for choir...I guess I'm just a big ol' music/band/singing geek but there are few things I have more fun doing than singing - particularly for church. By Wednesday, my bee-hind is starting to drag but choir practice ALWAYS makes me glad that I persisted through my day and went. We have an anthem on Sunday to open service...praying that it goes well.

I'm thankful for the 4 hours I spent in prayer and fasting with some local Moms In Touch International folks. Thinking about leading a group at Flicka's school.

I'm thankful for being able to go on the second of Flicka's school field trips last Friday. This one to the local nature center.

For more TTT, stop by Pam's place and see what she's got filling her thanks tank.

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