Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Digs. New Focus.

I've hemmed and hawed. I've struggled with life changes. I lost my interest in writing. I fell off the edge of the blog-iverse and stopped checking and/or following blogs altogether.

I was overwhelmed and in survival mode most of the last 4 years. From DaHubby's layoff in early 2010 until now, it's been pretty much one major overhaul after another. And, it's time to re-assess. It's time to dig out. It's time to stop running like my hair's on fire and p-r-o-c-e-s-s.

So much has changed but it's time to start making some sense.

Join me here.


sara said...

Beth, I would have left a comment there but can't. Glad you feel like writing again. You've been in my thoughts. Can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Cristina Rose said...

Glad that you're back on writing again. You know what writing is a wonderful way of expressing yourself & sharing to others about so many things. It's a skill, so keep the interest.
Keep on writing! :)

IISAFETY said...

It's nice to be back, isn't it? Keep on posting because you always post interesting things. Keep it up!

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