Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes, sir!

We've been working on the Vikings' responses to parental requests lately. After dozens of "why" and "do I have to," Mom and Dad had had enough and started a discussion about obeying...immediately, without 20 questions, and with a cheerful attitude. LOL

My dream is to hear a simple "yes, Mom" or "yes, ma'am" at some point in my life. 

Without attitude or whining.

But, then this hit me between the eyes today...

"The only appropriate answer when we hear God speaking is 'Yes, Lord!'"


How can I insist on the Vikings obeying under those conditions when I can't do it for God, my Heaven Father?

We have been struggling the last few years. On all fronts. Thought we were obeying. But, maybe the continued struggles and strangulation of our finances and lives has to do more with obedience to God's will.

We've been hemming and hawing around for years with something we've been "pretty sure" we're suppose to do but have never gone through with it. We're finally moving forward. The sense of peace around this is overwhelming.

We've been unable to find a church where we all feel at home. Parents happy but no kids' ministry. Momma and kids are happy but not what Dad wanted. Dad thrilled, kids and Mom OK, but too far away with gas at $4+/gallon. This remains unsolved.

We just don't seem to be hearing from God...or not listening well enough.

And, if He did speak, would I obey immediately...with question...and with a cheerful attitude?

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Deb said...

I feel your pain with the parenting issue - we've struggled there too, so you're not alone! This is a visual aid a friend of mine made which we've used on and off through the years - check it out!
I'm sorry you've not found a church home - that's so hard!! Have you visited Crossroads in Polo? We would welcome you with open arms! <3