Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

It figures...I finally remember to do a post for Thanks Tank and I'm gonna be out of town! LOL So, I'm typing this out and scheduling it for tomorrow when we will be heading out of town.

Again, trying to find thankfulness in the small, unexpected things...

I give thanks again for our new van battery. It's like having a new vehicle. I can't believe the difference it made to get rid of the "factory installed" battery and get one that can handle all the bells and whistles that seemed *really* important to get at the time of purchase. LOL

I give thanks for DaHubby's work hours - despite the fact it keeps him away from us even more than he already has to be, having a small, even if it's short-term cash pillow takes away some of the screaming anxiety attacks my "security genes" had been partaking in.

I give thanks for our garden's first offerings: a few tomatoes, a zucchini, and a couple pea pods. Can't wait for August!

Can't believe I'm gonna say this one but....

I'm giving thanks for all the whining lately. Yes, it's annoying. Yes, it's manipulative. Yes, we're working on nipping it off at the root. BUT! At least it's not physical bullying to get their own way. (How's that for trying to find a silver lining? LOL)

I'm giving thanks for renewed friendship thanks to Facebook. A couple of high school friends I *should* have kept in contact with and old friends I can now talk to more often have been a wonderful, unexpected joy.

Speaking of friends, I'm giving thanks for Melissa, Ray, Amy, and Lisa. Each made my week a little easier and a little less worrisome just by being around either physically or electronically.

Finally, I'm thankful for being able to go camping. Originally, it was planned as a family trip but DaHubby will be unable to go due to unanticipated school commitments. So, the Vikings and I will be heading out alone to a nearby campground for a few days of visiting with some old friends.

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