Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WFMW: summer sidewalk chalk fun

We go through a TON of sidewalk chalk around here. LOL And, I know it's only $1 a tub most times but I don't always have time to stop what I'm doing and run to Dollar General! LOL

And, when I saw Crayola's line of products like this, I thought I'd hit the mother lode in summer entertainment! LOL But, the Vikings are too small yet as is our budget so I found a recipe in FamilyFun magazine for sidewalk paint that's identical to the one shown here.

It is basically equal parts cold water and corn starch plus a few drops of food coloring. The result is initially kinda runny and disappointing but when it dries! Very pretty. Very "dark". Or would it be "thick"? Well, you know what I mean! LOL
Cheap summer fun with materials I keep around the house that keep the Vikings busy for long periods of time? Works for me!

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sara said...

Thanks for sharing! We are looking for fun things to do around the house this week since the kiddos are too sick to go out but not to sick to want to play. This is just perfect.

sara said...

That is too sick to go further than the driveway, LOL.

janice said...

I just saw Walgreens had a BIG bucket of chalk on sale for $1.00 this morning. I'm sure that's cheaper than the box corn starch.

sara said...

Hey, the kids loved the paint. It's just different from chalk. YOu were right about the color too. Wow! Also, I buy cornstarch (and cream of tartar and salt, and pepper, etc.) in LARGE bulk containers really cheap. The cornstarch I have now has been in my cabinet for probably over a year. Plus, there's the added benefit of it being a double duty product which is something I really like.

GiBee said...

Very cool tip! Having the ingredients on hand is even cooler -- Hmmmm --- I wonder if it would work with flower or talcum powder? Probably not.

Beth Cotell said...

Sidewalk paint is so expensive! I got 3 bottles on sale at Toys R Us for $5...marked down from $10. But those three bottles won't last us very long.

When we run out I am going to make this! Thanks for sharing!