Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Gardening Day - part one

Today was DaHubby's last final for winter semester! And, on Tuesday it's our eighth wedding anniversary. So, initially, I had planned a small, short, surprise getaway to local hotel with water park. But, when I called and they wanted $190 for the room, I could hear Dave Ramsey gettin' hysterical in my ear all the way from Tennessee! LOL

So, we decided to spend some of the money to spruce up and prep the backyard for some "stay-cation" time instead. One project per Viking - and today's was a surprise for Pojke: a sand table! I found the plans in the July/Aug 2005 copy of Family Fun magazine (I can't find an online link however). We made a few modifications and, following a trip to Lowes, construction began!

Twenty feet of 1.5 inch PVC, some "elbows", some "tees", some PVC glue, a concrete mixing tub, and some sand are all we needed.

It's tab A into slot B, dear! *wink*

It's starting to take form - corners, a couple legs...

Nearly done! Just needing the underneath support pieces...

Flicka planning Vanna with the finished project

And, there are advantages to marrying an engineer! LOL The two small pieces in DaHubby's hands are *the ONLY scrap* left over! And, you should SEE the plans for Flicka's project tomorrow! LOL
Pojke giving it a try for the first time! And, a completely random side note...that arbor (now painted white) in the background? It was built by DaHubby...the month before our wedding! LOL We were married under it!
Stay tuned for part two - hopefully tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Awesome project! I showed my Hubby the picture and he thinks he can build one for Ladybug. What a fun, frugal project - love it!

I like the idea of the stay-cation too.

Amy said...

I love this project- so creative. I will have to bookmark this one- thanks for sharing!!

sara said...

Great ideas! I like the sand table a lot since last year we had an issue with neighborhood cats in our regular sand box - yuck! I bet this would deter them.

Sunny said...

The sand table looks like a lot of fun! I like sand boxes but also wouldnt want the cat issue...ewww! So the table seems like a good idea.

Beth, this is out of the blue, but I saw your comment on Katrina's post on the work at home book. I'm also on that tour (my post goes up tomorrow) and have a suggestion for you. My profile has my email address if you'd like to email me.

renee said...

I totally want to do this project now! Found online step by step directions for anyone else interested here: