Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WFMW: Being Like "Robo-Dad" LOL

While I feel I'm pretty hip to new technology, I also accept change to my current systems with a heavy level of scepticism. When DaHubby (then the DaFiance) suggested several years ago to convert from my large (like 9 by 12) planner with dividers, sections, etc. to a Handspring/Palm type device, I gasped at the sacrilege! I wouldn't *dare* mess with the system that got me through college, those first few lean post-college years, my first lay-off, more job hunting, back to working full time, back to school 3/4 time simultaneously, student teaching while working part-time, and my first 60+ hr a week teaching gig. Needless to say, our house *now* runs (nearly) like a Swiss watch with the addition of a Palm into my life.

But, I digress...

But, with that in mind, you can imagine my eye-rolling when DaHubby bought one of these: a Motorola Bluetooth headset. I took to calling him "Robo-Dad" as he would suddenly ignore me and begin conversations with what appeared to be thin air. Several times while at the grocery store for me, he will have called asking one more time what it was I wanted and I would hear him say at least once to someone passing by him "no - I'm not talking to myself"

So, I laughed inwardly and continued to balance our "home phone" which is actually my cell phone on my shoulder while keeping Flicka in the house and/or changing Pojke and/or doing dishes and/or making dinner (or all the above) at the same time! Then, I nearly dropped my cell in a sink full of soaking dishes (for about the fifth time in a week) and I'd had enough.

DaHubby paid about $69 for his a few months ago. I found one on Ebay, bid, and won it at the cost of (with shipping) $29! It is the best money I've spent since my Diaper Genie! LOL While I use it primarily at home (and occasionally while I'm driving), it's been worth every penny to be able to have both hands free and stand upright with my head not cocked to the side while multi-tasking through a busy day.

Bring on phone calls while I rotate the laundry, change a diaper and load the diswasher! Being able to use the phone while multi-tasking without a need for a chiropractor? That works for me! Just call me "Robo-Mom"! *wink*

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Justice Fergie said...

oooo ebay! why didnt i think of that. the city i work in has made talking on the phone while driving illegal and so i wanted to get a bluetooth headset but they are just so pricey. $29 works for me!