Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WFMW: Ebay misspelling tool

With the amount of clothes Flicka and Pojke have needed and grown out of in the last 3 years, Ebay has often become this momma's best friend! And, with the exception of a very few pieces, my entire maternity wardrobe has come from Ebay...twice! LOL

However, because of typos or misspellings, you may miss a great deal! Thus,
this page comes in REALLY handy. Particularly if that misspelling keeps anyone else from bidding! You'd be the only one and have NO competition!

For example, as I type this there is a
Coach bag listed at a $2.99 opening bid. But, because the seller misspelled "messenger", how many other people would find it in a standard Ebay search?

Ebay deals at an even greater savings? Works for me!

Shannon's site today for more WFMW ideas!


Elena LaVictoire said...

What a great tip! Thank you!!!

GiBee said...

Girl -- YOU ROCK!! LOVE this tip! Bookmarked the page into my favs.