Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WFMW: EZ pumpkin cooking

Pumpkins are everywhere the last few weeks. But, this year I had my eyes peeled for good pie-making pumpkins as well. So, while we had two carvin' pumpkins for the kids, I also picked up two pie pumpkins from our local farmers market a few weeks ago.

Then, my mom and step-dad were here last weekend for an early Thanksgiving. And, while my mom brought a ham and the potatoes, I was looking forward to making that green bean casserole thingy as well as a pumpkin pie from scratch.

However, as the weekend wore on and Sunday night's dinner loomed near, I was getting crunched for time and needed a low-labor, stove-and-oven-free way to cook the pumpkin. So, within a couple minutes of Internet surfing, I found a solution - or actually made one up.

Adapting directions for cooking squash, I just cooked the pumpkin in the crockpot while at church! I simply cut the stem off, cleaned out the "goop", and cut the pumpkins in quarters. I put about an inch of water in the bottom and, after 3 hours on low, ta-da! All fork tender and ready to be pureed for pie!

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Tracey said...

Thank you! I have 2 pumpkins set aside for pies, I will do this TODAY!

Thursday's Child said...

I used to buy cheese pumpkins and they make great pies. By the time we get home I doubt I'll be able to find any but I just might try anyway.

Blog is no more said...

I have never cooked a real pumpkin, it sounds easy though! I just might try it.