Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WFMW: recycle your coffee grounds

And, no, this is not a frugal tip on how to get multiple cups of coffee out of one set of grounds! LOL

While flipping through a magazine about a month ago, I saw a small advertisement with "springtime tips". The list contained five ideas from Peace Coffee brand about recycling your coffee grounds.

Being a non-coffee drinker and a novice gardener myself, these were new to me so I thought I'd share. So, we are collecting DaHubby's grounds to do the following:

1. Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering for slow-release nitrogen.

2. Add to compost piles to increase the nitrogen balance. Coffee filters and tea bags break down rapidly during composting.

3. To make a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer, dilute a half pound of wet coffee ground with 5 gallons of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.

4. Mix in soil for household plants or vegetables.

5. Encircle the base of plants with a coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests.

While trying to find a site at Peace Coffee to which I could give credit for this idea, I also found this link and this link for a few additional ideas.

Free fertilizer and recycling to boot? Now, THAT works for me. For more WFMW, go to Shannon's site today.

And, please consider reading this post as well if you have time. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I read about this last year in our Back Home Magazine. It really works. I have my children walk them out each day to spread around the plants.

marigold said...

Oh, thank you! These are great tips and we have been saving our grounds but my husband only just throws it on the lawn! Now I know the other stuff I can do with them!