Friday, October 19, 2007

Starting October 24...UPDATED

this will be the new home of "30 Days of Thanksgiving" for 2007.

Kari at Healed Waters is the creator of 30DOT but she is currently on a "blog sabbatical." With her permission and blessing, I'm going to be her "thanksgiving headquarters."

Last year, I tagged along on Kari's adventure for what I think was her first year doing this. My momma always raised me up to be a good conscientious writer of thank-you notes. Because of that, I've seen the power in a well-written, well-intentioned note to make someone's day. And, edifying someone (whether a believer or not) encourages the pay-it-forward spirit which I am ALL for!

Early last October, I made a list of 30 people in my life that I felt needed to know that my world is a little better because they are in it. I thought a list like that would be hard to create...and, actually, it was not. I also made a little card in MS Publisher using Kari's button graphic explaining what I was doing and why.
Then, starting October 24th, every day for thirty days I "snail mailed" or emailed someone on that list.

My online buddies. My pastors. My parents. My in-laws. The folks at my local Walgreen's pharmacy who put up with my wacky-weird questions when one of the Vikings is sick. The Vikings' pediatrician. My favorite lunch spot's staff. My mail carrier and newspaper delivery person. My favorite cashier at the grocery store whose line I always wait in no matter how long because she's so nice to the Vikings.

Who around you do you appreciate? Who makes a tough day a little easier to get through? Who silently takes care of small (or big) tasks around you? Who makes you smile and thankful they are part of your life? Wouldn't it be nice if they knew how you felt?

Leave a comment here if you'd like to participate. And, consider posting at your bloggy home about what you think you might do and/or who you might honor starting next Wednesday. Then, perhaps do a follow-up post after your Thanksgiving food coma subsides and tell the bloggy world how it went.

And, may the glory be His alone.

Updated to add: I just realized that BooMama...THE BooMama of mucho mommy blogging fame has linked to this contest. Thank you, thank you, thank you all the BooMama fans joining us here. I'm blessed more than you know!


Unashamed said...

I remember this from last year. I'll join! Gotta give this some thought...

GiBee said...

I am SO gonna do this. I LOVE this idea, and I've already got names whirling around in my brain! Got the button, and will blog about it today!

Also, I love your fall header!


Stacey said...

What a wonderful idea!

I think I am gonna try it! People need to hear what a blessing they are to our lives.

That is what we are to do as Christians is to edify and lift each other up too!

Thanks for the idea!!
I'll blog about it soon.

Pam said...

You've got me hooked. I'll post about it tomorrow and link up as you post that, too.

I've been reading you through my Google reader lately. Your site is beautiful!

(btw, this is peach, commenting with my google acct. name)

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea. The words Thank You can have such power and hopefully we'll touch people in ways we don't realize.

I'll get the button and post on mine.

BTW I Got here from BooMama. Don't you just love her?

Nikki Bettis said...

I'm here via Peach's blog. I'm definitely in! What a wonderful fun idea!!! I don't know how to do buttons yet where they link to anything (blushing as I write) but I do know how to save the pic to my computer and use that. So for now, I'll use the pic and when I figure out how to link it to you will do so quickly! I'll pay credit to your's and Peach's blog through a written link. :)

Annikke said...

This is a wonderful idea. It not only will let others know what a blessing they are to me but it will also remind me how many blessings I have in my life! Thanks!

Trina said...

I agree, this will be a blessing. I am going to try it. I will post about it on Wednesday.

onemotherslove said...

I'm already doing some preparation for Thanksgiving. This will be a great addition!

Denise said...

Such a great idea, will be joining in.

Anonymous said...

Although we dont celebrate thanks giving here in New Zealand
I love this idea
Im going to do it too

Unknown said...

I will start this. I am a little late though.

Anonymous said...

My first time to your blog and I would be thrilled to join in on this activity, I may just have my two children participate too.

Unknown said...

I'm blogging my blessings this month, too. Come by for a visit:


Annikke said...

I SO badly wanted to do this again this year, but life got away from me and next thing I know it is already one week from Thanksgiving. I think I may go ahead and do it just go on into to December. (is that lame?)